Echo Chamber

This was the world premiere performance of my piece “Echo Chamber” for percussion, electronics, and dancer. This piece evolved out of improvisations with dancer and choreographer Christine Rohde. The percussion is running through Apple’s Mainstage, which applies a delay effect. The panning of the delay is then controlled by a wireless MIDI controller, called a HotHand, that Christine is wearing on her finger. As she rotates her hand to the right, the delay is panned to the right speaker. As she rotates her hand to the left, the delay is panned to the left speaker.

From the program notes: “This piece explores the range of emotions that are experiences when left alone with nothing but the sound of your own voice. The piece focuses on the cycle of emotions that are felt through loneliness, creating patterns of isolation and despair, causing one to continue to hide their feelings behind closed doors. This collaborative piece explores the cavernous space of one’s heart, beyond isolation, where one can reconnect to the outside world.”

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