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Learning in the MakerSpace: Arduino, Day 2 (AM)

Project 5: Mood Cue I am now getting extremely frustrated with the poor quality of this kit. This project involves attaching a potentiometer (knob) and a servo motor. The potentiometer doesn’t fit on the breadboard as illustrated in the instructions. … Continue reading


Learning in the MakerSpace: Arduino, Day 1

I ordered the Arduino starter kit and have been working through the accompanying book of projects. The kit (available at includes an Arduino uno, 15 projects, and the materials to complete those projects. Today, I completed projects 1, 2, … Continue reading


Telematic Composers Project

Earlier this month, I started a new project to continue my work with telematic music: The Telematic Composers Project. Right now, it is a group on Facebook with the purpose of gathering musicians and composers interested in creating new music … Continue reading