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Echo Chamber

This was the world premiere performance of my piece “Echo Chamber” for percussion, electronics, and dancer. This piece evolved out of improvisations with dancer and choreographer Christine Rohde. The percussion is running through Apple’s Mainstage, which applies a delay effect. … Continue reading

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Paradise rtRemix

This semester, I am auditing a computer music programming class and learning how to code using the rtcmix language. Using rtcmix, I composed this piece. “Paradise rtRemix” uses stems from Eric Whitacre’s “Fly to Paradise” as well as randomly generated … Continue reading


As We Know It

“As We Know It” is a reworking of my piece “Thunder” for the IUPUI Telematic Collective. This performance took place at Butler University in the spring of 2012. Choreography by Butler University Chamber Dance. Videography by Javier Sanchez

Compositions, Performances