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Electronic March Max Patch

I’ve been working on a piece for my middle school band with interactive electronics. The music is mostly written and the band workshopped it with me in June. They had a great time being part of the composition process and … Continue reading


The Strength of Our Attachments

VIEWERS WHO ARE SENSITIVE TO BRIGHT FLASHES OF LIGHT AND COLOR MAY WANT TO TAKE ANY NECESSARY PRECAUTIONS BEFORE WATCHING THIS PERFORMANCE“The Strength of Our Attachments” is an interactive multimedia work for a single performer with an iPhone and a … Continue reading


Day In The Life

Written in RTcmix and MAX/MSP/Jitter The audio was made with the RTcmix instrument “WAVY” and data points taken from my continuous glucose monitoring system. I used all of the blood glucose readings from a 24-hour period to serve as the … Continue reading